4 Wheeling in the desert of Cairo – A New Adventure

4 Wheeling in the desert of Cairo – A New Adventure

The Desert around the Pyramids

The Desert around the Pyramids of Giza

Adventures in Cairo, Egypt

Several years ago, a friend of mine had asked me if I wanted to join her and a group of friends

Donna on 4 wheeler

Donna on 4 wheeler

to go 4 wheeling in the desert near the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. I told her that I had never tried it before but I wanted to do it. I thought it would be interesting. I was getting excited about it and as the days got closer to our 4 wheeling date, I started talking to others that had done it before. Other friends began talking about down shifting, and using a clutch, etc. I started thinking about it and I had never actually used a real motorcycle or 4 wheelers that required me to use a clutch and shift before so I started to have a little anxiety over it.
It was February 7th and the day arrived. We all met up at a meeting point near our apartments

4 wheelers lined up

4 wheelers lined up

in the city called Maadi. We took a private bus to the site in Giza where our 4 wheelers were waiting for us. They were all lined up on the street curbside. As we were preparing to get on, the Egyptians running the business called us over to each bike. The newbies like me were given bikes that were kind of in automatic mode….in other words, they put it in a certain gear that would not need us to shift. I was informed that the acceleration was on the right handle and we had to control it by pushing it to the right with our thumb. My brake was controlled by applying a forward pressure with my right foot to a lever near my foot pedal. So that was it! All the instruction that I needed. I was almost ready to go. But first, I had to get my head wrapped with a scarf to keep all the sand from hitting me in the face. One of the Egyptians that worked there took time to wrap all of our heads…if we had our own scarfs or if they provided one. (By the way, if you use one that they offer you, then they do expect you to pay for it at the end of your ride…it could be about 15 Egyptian pounds).

When everyone in our group received their instruction, we were ready to get going. They told us to stay in a single filed line until we reached the desert. When we actually reached the desert, most of the guys in our group hit the accelerators and zoomed off ahead. Because I was in this one gear, I had it all open but I just wasn’t really moving that fast.
We arrived at our first little stop to get the group back together and took a few quick photos.
We continued on, the guys from the 4 wheeler shop were with us as our guides and made sure that everyone in the group was keeping up. We went around different areas in the desert with some big hills and small dunes. It was pretty funny, the first medium sized dune that I tried to climb I found that I couldn’t make it from a stopped position. I had to wait for one of the girls in front of me to go then I attempted it. The 4 wheel guys had to give me a push start. After that experience, I knew that I had to have enough speed to take all future inclines.
The next group stop, we were a little closer to the pyramids.

Donna 4 wheeling in the desert

Donna 4 wheeling in the desert

We rode out to an area which we actually had to get on a dirt street with cars and trucks. This made me feel slightly uncomfortable, especially since the 4 wheeler guys wanted to keep us together and encouraged us to go down the middle of the road passing trucks with other cards coming right at us. We made it through to the end of the road without any mishaps. I was happy to be off of that road.  If I did it again, I would ask to drop this part of the tour and go back in the other direction on the sand dunes.
We rode around a bit more in the dunes before returning back to one of the stops that we had been to before. This time it was a tea break. The locals brought out tea and soft drinks without us asking. But it was fine if you wanted it, just make sure that you have money on you to pay for it because it is not complimentary as part of your 4 wheeling experience. You might pay about 5 pounds for tea and 10 or 15 pounds for a soft drink here.


Concluding our 4 wheeling experience

Concluding our 4 wheeling experience

When we were heading back and we stopped for one last group stop again to make sure everyone was together. I turned around and captured some of the group arriving.   After I got going again, I saw some things that horrified me. There was a white horse that was laying in the sand. It had recently died and was just left there. As I got in closer to exiting the desert, I saw another pile of bones which could have been a camel. I decided not to photograph these.
As we arrived back to pavement and made our way back to the 4 wheeler shop, I felt I had gained confidence and had another new experience under my belt. We saw other tourist on either horseback or camels heading out to the desert and we waved to each other. It was a very fun day.
We all got off our bikes at the shop and I looked at a couple of people and they were pretty covered with dust over their wind breakers and other clothing. Since it was such a hot day, I had decided to tie my windbreaker around my waist.  I examined my clothes and didn’t really think that I looked too bad. My ex-husband grabbed a pinch of the fabric of my shirt and released it. The shirt snapped back into place and created a mini dust explosion. I didn’t look dirty but laughed pretty hard when I saw how much dust went into the air. I took off my scarf and sunglasses and my husband laughed at me this time. I had a uni-brow! It was a line of dirt that had built up above my sunglasses. This was so funny. We both had a great laugh.
This adventure ended up costing us 200 Egyptian pounds per person for about 2 hours. (Roughly about $36 U.S. dollars.)


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