Get Free Travel by Being Flexible and Volunteering

Get Free Travel by Being Flexible and Volunteering

Did you know that by being a flexible traveller you may be able to take advantage of Free Travel being presented to you when your flight is overbooked and they ask for volunteers to give up seats?

Several years ago, I flew to San Diego, CA on a trip and when I was in the process of checking in online, I was asked if I was willing to volunteer to give up my seat and receive an air fare voucher with the airline.  Unfortunately, I had to be at the destination for the first day of my trip so I couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity.

I thought about all of the many times that this option had been offered and I was never able to take advantage of it because of my schedule that I had to be at the destination that day or that I had to be back at work the next day.

On the return trip, the airline announced that they were requesting volunteers to give up their seats.  They said that people who did volunteer would receive $400 in flight vouchers, a hotel voucher for the night, a food voucher and a transportation voucher.  I was travelling in economy with my boyfriend and I asked him if he would mind if we didn’t travel back together.  I had never been able to take advantage of these sorts of opportunities and I really wanted to do it since my schedule was flexible for the first time ever.  Needless to say, I did take advantage of the opportunity this time.  The agent rescheduled my flight for the same time on the next day.  She gave me my vouchers and I was on my way out to my new lodging.  I was able to stay in a resort right on the water.

The next day, I returned to the airport and checked in.  Again, the agent announced that they were taking volunteers to give up their seats.  This time, I would receive a $400.00 flight voucher and be able to be scheduled for another flight later in the day.  I agreed.  I waited 4 hours for my next flight and to my surprise, they announced that they were requesting volunteers again.  This time, they would give $400 flight voucher, get a hotel voucher and a food voucher.  I was almost laughing.  I took advantage of the volunteer situation yet again.  They put me up in a hotel on the bay side area of San Diego.    It was a delightful day since  I spent the afternoon seeing the sights on a harbor cruise.  I ended up having happy hour at sunset at a bar/restaurant right on the water and met some other independent travelers.  We all had such a good time chatting over happy hour that we all ate dinner together too.  It was a very pleasant day.

The next day, I took the hotel shuttle to the airport and checked in.  Again, the agent announced that they were taking volunteers.  I couldn’t believe it.  I would have done it again, but this time, I really had to be back home.

By being flexible, I was able to have 2 extra days of site seeing in San Diego and come home with $1200 airfare vouchers for FREE Travel.  It made my trip!

Most recently, I was on a trip to Buffalo, NY and on the return leg of the trip, the airline asked for volunteers to give up their seat.  They offered $800 travel voucher.  I couldn’t resist!  Now I’m using that voucher towards my flight to Hawaii later this summer.  I guess it pays to travel.  So, go get your free travel by being flexible and volunteering too.   Just remember, when they make the call for volunteers, it’s first come first serve.  Once they have all the seats that they need, then they are done.  When planning your next trip, you might want to schedule your return air for at least one day earlier than you have to be back home to be ready to take advantage of any possible opportunity like this.  If you are on my next flight, please give me the opportunity to help someone else that really needs to make it to their next destination.





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