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Oceania Cruises

Getting to know Oceania Cruises


What is “O Life”? – It is the Oceania Cruises Experience. Your World. Your Way.

Enjoy Oceania Cruises with the Country Club Casual Lifestyle on board where casual is your dress code and you are not required to have formal nights.

Oceania Cruises works to exceed your expectations.

The Marina and Riviera ships offer a hands-on Cooking School. Vintage wine and food pairings at La Reserve by Wine Spectator++.  Host private dinners at Privée++.  (Note:  ++wine experience or room reservation surcharge applies).  Free airfare* offered from 30 gateways throughout the US and Canada.  (Note:  *Please see the website for all free airfare details).


Dine as you wish, either in the Grand Dining Room or any of the specialty restaurants at no extra cost. It’s upscale, but not uptight. There’s no mandatory formal nights. It’s all about comfort. Dining is open seating.

(Just make sure that you make your specialty restaurant dining reservation are booked early since reservations are allowed at least 60 days before your cruise).

Three main focus points:

  1. Finest Cuisine at Sea.  They source the finest ingredients and prepare fresh each day.
    1. Menus inspired by Jacques Pepin, their Executive Culinary Director and renowned Master Chef.
    2. Jacques takes an annual cruise and speaks and provides additional experiences.
    3. Want to sail with him, then plan on it for November 2016 for his next cruise.
  2. Destination Immersion Specialists.  They offer diverse itineraries with intimate experiences.  They provide longer port stays and more overnight stays to provide new experience of the night life at various destinations.
    1. The offer a wide variety of shore excursions, up to 30 different options are often offered so that you can experience a variety of experiences.
    2. Their ships are always going to new places and are not just home ported, repeating the same itinerary over and over.
  3. Intimate and Luxurious Ships. There are currently 5 ships in operation now and they have 2 classes of ships.  They have a high staff to guest ratio.
    • R – Class accommodates up to 684 passengers.  Ships are the Marina and Riviera.
    • O – Class accommodates up to 1250 passengers.  Ships are the Nautica, Insignia, and Regatta.


If you book a suite, you will even get a menu for pillow selections to meet your comfort.

O – Class suites:

  • Owners Suites – These are some of the largest Owners Suites which are 2000 sq. feet.  There are 3 onboard.
  • Vista Suites – These suites are 1200 sq. feet and have their own workout facility.
  • Oceania Suites – These suites are mid ship and have designs by Dakota Jackson. They also have their own media room.
  • Penthouse Suites – This  suite class and higher all provide complimentary butler service.

Characteristics of the Oceania Cruises clientele:

    • Serious foodies select Oceania Cruises.
    • They want a unique offering and itinerary.
    • A common demographic is 55+ years old and retired, but this is not exclusive.
    • They want to try new things; they are explorers.
    • They may prefer less crowds and more sophisticated travel.
    • They want the more inclusive experience and don’t want to be nickel and dimed throughout their cruise.
      • They see the value more amenities being included.
    • They also enjoy a nice loyalty benefit program where after 20 cruises, you receive a FREE cruise.


Featured Sailing:  Around the World in 180 days. Plan now for the Insignia departing on January 6, 2017 – July 6, 2017.

Newest Ship Launching on April 27, 2016. The Sirena ship will carry 684 passengers. The inaugural voyage will be in Barcelona, Spain.  There will be a new dining concept being offered: Tuscan Steak which will feature steak and seafood. Red Ginger which will feature Asian cuisine. Jacques Bistro which will feature a Parisian Bistro the Grand Dining Room during Lunch. The new Owner’s suites will feature a more contemporary design.  Blv by Bvlgari Amenities and new scent will be featured for all staterooms.  See the new dates and itineraries for the Sirena Sailings.

See the video:

My recommendation: Book early to get the best deals and best stateroom selections.  Check out the Oceania Sailings for dates and itineraries.  If you normally are the Veranda Suite customer or above, you’ll get more space for your money.


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