About Me - Donna Corless

About Me – Donna Corless

About: Donna Corless

I have been traveling since I was 2 with my family.

Donna Corless about 2 years old. Going in for first passport photo.

Donna Corless. About 2 years old. Going in for first passport photo.

I was raised as an Air Force dependent and had the opportunity to move to a different place almost every two years when I was growing up as a child. By the time I was 18, I had lived in the Azores for 2 years, the Philippines for 2 years, and Turkey for 2 years and had lived in 5 other cities within 5 states (Oklahoma, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, and Florida).

I attended Auburn University in Auburn, AL from 1982 and graduated in 1986 with a B.S. in Business Administration. After I graduated, I lived in Bermuda for one year, Italy for 6 years and Egypt for 2 years and also lived in 8 other cities within 3 states (California, Virginia, Alabama).

I have visited 4 continents and over 65 countries. I’ve been on 25+ cruises.

My goals are the following:

  • To create Photography Retreats and Bucket List Photo Group Tours.
  • My focus will mainly be on international travel, however, travel within the U.S. will be to destinations that I wish to photograph or experience something new.
  • Photograph the journeys and share the beauty of this world.
  • Continue to have new experiences and adventures, meet new people, experience other cultures, try new foods and enjoy each place.
  • Focus on premium to luxury travel but be open to new experiences.
  • To set my bucket list for each year and create the interest for others to want to travel with me.
  • To continue to create revenue streams to get paid to travel.
  • To eventually visit every country in the world.


Expectations:   I’ve always been more comfortable behind a camera lens instead of being in front of it. I will try to start shooting videos of myself, although I’m not as experienced shooting videos of myself or in general. If I had been comfortable with writing, I would have started documenting my travels many years ago.  I always thought that a photo would speak a thousand words in it’s own right.   I hope that you feel that the information that I provide is helpful or informative. I’ll be happy to share some of my travel stories and experiences from the past and the future.  Enjoy my blog and Happy Travels!!!

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